NLDD-H/ LDDS-H Series DC-DC LED Power Supply


To offer more SELV(Class III) DC input step-down LED drives for the promising market of the safety Low-voltage centralized bus, MEAN WELL has developed two direct current (DC) input LED drivers, NLDD-H and LDDS-H series. These two series can be applied to lighting equipment of 48V or 24V DC applications or used with lighting products for DC bus applications.

The compact size NLDD-H and LDDS-H series are step-down design, converting 48V DC input voltage into constant current output and then directly drive LED modules. With a variety of output currents model, including 250/300/350/500/700/1050/1200/1400 mA, they are suitable for commercial track lighting or office indoor lighting luminaires.

The NLDD series provides two ways of output connected, PIN style and wire style while LDDS-H series offers wire style only. Although it is a DC low-voltage application, MEAN WELL applies for CE and EAC certification, including compliance with lighting regulations EN61347/EAC TP TC 004 and EMC EN55015/EAC TP TC 020 and compliance with SELV (<60V DC) and Class III luminaire regulations.

Series  PIN Style  Wire style
(General application)

(Commercial track lighting application)


  • Wide DC input Voltage operation
  • Wide output forward voltage design 
  • Constant current output design
  • High efficiency up to 96%
  • Protections: Over temperature/ Short circuit
  • Compact size and Fully encapsulated
  • 3 years warranty (NLDD-H) and 5 Years warranty (LDDS-H)




NLDD-H Series LDDS-H Series